Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Walajapet

Sri Muralidhara Swamigal’s Danvantri Arogya Peedam (Facebook page) is a universal curer of diseases of the humankind (MAKKAL PINI THEERKUM MARUTHUVAMANAI). A Divine Hospital where the God of Medicine nurses and cures all of us and brings back mental, physical, and emotional health. Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, being a universal place of healing, there are no differences based on the perspective of religion, caste and … Continue reading Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam, Walajapet

Lord Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva

Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva

jnAnAnanda-mayam devam nirmalas sphaTikAkRtim | AdhAram sarvavidyAnAm hayagrIvam upAsmahe || The avataram of HayagrIva Bhagavan took place to restore the Vedas to Brahma. Download from here, High Resolution version of Lord Lakshmi Hayageeva picture seen above. Continue reading Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva