Thiruvanthipuram Temple

Devanathaswamy temple (also called Thiruvahintrapuram Kovil) in Thiruvanthipuram, a village in the outskirts of Cuddalore in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. There is a separate shrine atop a small hillock here for Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva, the horse-faced avatar of Lord Vishnu. The temple is the only historical temple in South India to have a shrine of Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva.

Download the book (PDF) on Sri Thiruvahindrapuram (Thiruvahindrapuram) Temple’s Sthala Puranam (Temple’s Heritage) here. அருள்மிகு ஸ்ரீ தேவநாத ஸ்வாமி திருக்கோயில் திருவஹீந்திரபுரம் ஸ்தல புராணம் மற்றும் ஸ்ரீ ஹயக்ரீவ ஸ்தோத்திரம் புத்தகத்தை இங்கே இலவசமாக பதிவிறக்கம் செய்யலாம்.

Hayagriva restoring Vedas to Brahma (Source: Wikipedia)
Staircase leading to the Outshadagiri Hill
Staircase leading to the Outshadagiri, a small hill, which houses the temple of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva swamy


Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva
Sri Lakshmi Hayagreeva. Pic Courtesy: Thiru Vainadeyan Venugopal.

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